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Crostek Management Corp. is in the business of creating an extensive “design and processes” intellectual property portfolio as it relates to developing intelligent artificial lift systems for the oil and gas industry.

Founded in 2005, Crostek is a private Alberta-based company whose sole mission is to develop and commercialize the INTELLIMAX series of artificial lift systems. Because of the significant commitment to research and development as part of ongoing product commercialization, Crostek dedicates a significant amount of management’s time and resources to working with potential and existing strategic partners in areas of engineering research, engineering designs, manufacturing, marketing and project funding.

Due to the confidentiality and customized information requirements, Crostek management invites interested visitors who visit our website to contact Neil Montgomery directly by telephone or email in order that the process of professional and confidential business liaison can be provided.


Crostek’s INTELLIMAX series of artificial lift systems employs game-changing linear motor technology, lightweight design, and real-time electronic monitoring and lift system control and optimization features.

The features and benefits of the INTELLIMAX Series newly designed and incorporated linear motors are:

  • Silent, fully computerized, real time adjustable stroke means; reduced rod parting, reduced gas lock and pump/dyno-cards 24 - 7
  • Automatic counterbalancing - the Intellimax is load-sensing and self adaptive in milliseconds
  • Self monitoring – shuts down on fault detection - full Scada potential
  • Safe – no exposed moving parts – no physical counterweights to adjust
  • Scalable design – 3 sizes should cover all field requirements / stroke parameters
  • Inherently clean and sealed, with no contaminating fluids to leak or spray
  • Reduced maintenance costs; no gear boxes – no need to convert rotary to linear motion
  • The motor can act as a dynamic brake when driven in reverse


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